Cooking Lovers Gift Set

Cooking Lovers Gift set

Now is the time to buy a gift set for the Cooking lovers you know. Whether it’s a device to slice your pizzas, or a multipurpose bowl, or the egg separator, or an innovative modular spatula system, here is the perfect gift set for the cooking or kitchen lover.

Our gift set includes:

  • Slice
  • Ventu
  • Pluck
  • Click 'n Cook Spatulas


Pizza Wheel with Crust-Cutting Blades.

Slice is an easy-to-use pizza cutter that features contoured, ergonomic design and crust-cutting blades on both ends of the wheel. This specially designed utensil leverages the user's body weight for a smooth roll so there's never a need for double takes. When you're done, toss Slice in the dishwasher for a quick clean 


Colander + Serving Bowl.

Ventu is a multipurpose bowl with a removable base that allows you to prep, strain, serve, and store - all in one elegant solution. Use it as a colander to remove excess water from pasta, salad greens, fruit, and more. Switching between its straining and serving functions is easy; just pop the silicone-sealed base to create a watertight bowl, and save yourself from washing extra dishes.


Egg Separator.

Pluck makes separating eggs a clean and easy task. Simply squeeze and release its flexible silicone chamber to extract caloric yolks from the whites... and voilà! When you're all finished, Pluck's clear plastic tip and silicone bulb come apart for easy cleaning by either dishwasher or hand.

Click 'n Cook

Modular Spatula System

Click n' Cook's dynamic design allows you to switch between spatula heads with one easy click. Transition from slotted stirrer to pancake flipper in seconds as your essential utensils are all in one place. Set includes one storage block, one ergonomic, handle, and five detachable spatula heads (classic flat spatula, long slotted spatula, extra-wide slotted spatula, flexible mixer, and slotted spoon). 

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