Office Desk Gift Set

Office Desk Gift set

Now is the time to buy a gift set for at the office or desk at home. We have combined 4 great office desk accessories such as a stapler, a cord organizer, an innovative penn organizer and the best pair of scissors. Impress and give the best with our high-quality items!

Our gift set includes:

  • Align
  • Cordies
  • Pen zen organizer
  • Sheath



Where Other Staplers Can't Reach. 

While a standard stapler's reach is limited by its length, Align's detachable base enables a user to staple materials of any size, from posters to sheets of cardboard.  To keep your desk uncluttered, you can always stick it to a magnetic chalkboard, whiteboard, or file cabinet.



Desktop Cord Manager.

Cordies Pop keeps unruly cables and wires organized and weighted down on your desk, preventing disconnection from your precious digital life! This compact and colorful contraption includes five stacking core rubber grips with four slots to care of all those loose ends.

Available in Pink, Charcoal, White, and Blue.


Pen Zen Organizer

Desk Organizer.

Pen Zen is a snazzy storage unit for pens, pencils, highlighters, and other office supplies. Rubber extrusions act as magic fingers to keep your items in place, while hidden agents below the bamboo surface hold paper clips and other small magnetic items. Use Pen Zen horizontally with the items extending out of the top, or stand it upright with items extending out of the ends.

Available in Blue, and Grey.



Multifunction Scissors.

Sheath is a lean, mean crafting machine. Disguised as a pair of seemingly standard scissors, this two-in-one tool is much more than that. Tucking the unwanted blade inside its grooved handle transforms it into a single-blade tool perfect for scoring paper, opening boxes, and curling ribbon.

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